I’ve never wanted to be a gypsy, traveling from city to city, setting up camp and then removing it and moving on.  I’m much more of a homebody.  As much as I’d like to think the vagabond life is for me, I just love to write. Traveling has always been a priority, but not for music.  With music, I want to write.  I want to create and pour every ounce of my being into the music creation.  There are other ways to share your songs now, ya hear? My mission is to leave something behind that is beautiful, and as painful as it is to give up your baby… the only way it’ll be heard in the best way is to release it to someone who does want to unpack their drum set and do a few sound checks across the world.  My goal is to get my songs into the hands of major country artists.  Meet with them.  Work with them.  Create with them… and then step back and hear my song on the radio, sung by someone much more qualified.

I have a good voice, I mean, not good enough to win Portland Teen Idol *sigh*.  But good enough to make a demo and sing the national anthem at 50 games.  I believe it is medium-rare for a reason though, because I never tried to make it big… and I’m glad, it wouldn’t have been “me.”  My songwriting is without a doubt the most personal art that I do, and sharing it with the world will be most vulnerable but also most fulfilling if I can do it right. So, here I go.  Enjoy.