Ever since I can remember, I loved creating.  I loved whipping out large pieces of paper or canvas and just exploding texture onto the page.  Using color in almost a violent way, mixing and matching until something “worked out.” That’s kind of how I approach the canvas… just ready to see what happens. Sometimes I have an idea. Sometimes I don’t.  Over the last 10 years I’ve grown more and more fond of cityscapes.  I love the abstract world; the one on paper and the one we live in.  I use mixed media like it is going out of style.  I move quickly, like I do with most things. When mistakes happen, they were meant to happen.  When I finish a piece and decide to flip it over and make a city into Westeros, it invigorates me.  My mission as an artist is to bring meaningful work into the homes of many. Something that will remind you of life, love, challenges you’ve overcome, you know, nothing too cheesy.  I want to step back and look at a piece and say, Y.E.S. This is it.  This will make someone happy.  This will make someone fall in love with art again.  This will be worth every dime.

With Urban Bay Studio, I am aiming to create custom artwork for people who value explosive creativity and appreciate that life has many, beautiful imperfections that should be celebrated.  

For more information on commissioning a piece; text Chelsea at 360-601-1360 or email